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Superb experience so far. The staff is very friendly and efficient. The waiting room is also really nice. There are cookies, water, coffee, and movies on a tv screen which makes the waiting experience much better.

The staff at Dr. Tan’s office (and Dr. Tan) are absolutely great! They’re very friendly and want to make sure you are comfortable throughout your appointment; from the moment you walk in to the time you leave. I highly recommend them!

Today was a big day: getting braces! She was greeted with positive energy. She was asked every so often how she was. She felt safe and welcome. At the end, they rang the bell and was praised for doing well. It was a positive experience. They set the tone on how these next 18 months is going to be. She is looking forward to the journey. Thank you all for creating a caring and nurturing place for her.

Dr. Tan is amazing because when I think that something is going to hurt, it doesn’t! He was so gentle and made me laugh! I got my braces on and it was so easy...I even got rainbow colored bands! It’s cool to be in the braces club at Dr. Tan’s office!